Training has restarted ! First tournament for Under 10/12's on Saturday 9th March in Geneva

After a mild winter, rugby has started back up at Terre Sainte !

Wednesday saw an extra 15 new youngsters joining us and we look forward to further reinforcements in the coming weeks.

With head coach Patrice Philippe now enjoying his winter in Hawaii, we have been fortunate to be able to call on 2 experienced coachs from Nyon, Josselin Lapièrre and Cyril Lin.

Some of the more talkative players are learning french in addition to rugby, and may come back to you with the phrase "va toucher le mur"... the effect of this exercise is proving to be useful and can be seen in the graph below:


We shall no doubt be testing the optimal distance from the "mur" next week...

This Saturday morning the Under 10's and 12's have a tournament in Geneva at the Plan les Ouates ground - see link Les Cherpines - with the car show on, you may have to leave a little earlier than normal to get there for the 9-30 meeting time. 

We are trying to create new WhatsApp groups for each age category to assist in communications between the coaches and parents and also for parents to arrange transport etc with each other. If you do not yet receive WhatsApp messages from your age group please contact Patrice, Joss or Dan to get you added.


Finally, the new playing shirts were distributed yesterday. These will be available at next weeks training too, and then can be requested. The reversible jerseys should be worn for training as well as matches, but you may bring your own shorts/socks - I would suggest that the white shorts and red socks be washed separately for now...

All the best


P.S. Oh yes, and can those who need to pay their annual fees please do so? Those starting in March can just pay half the fee.